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Danielle Barnes

Lead Organizer, Communications

Danielle Barnes was previously the Regional Director of General Assembly in Austin, an education institution that empowers individuals to pursue the work they love through education and opportunities in design, tech, business and data. Danielle moved to Austin to launch General Assembly's campus in December 2014. The first event they organized was "Break Into UX", calling upon members of the UX design community to share their expertise on getting into the field.

Danielle started at General Assembly in 2012 in San Francisco as an Education Programs Producer. In this role she ran GA's design programs and helped rally support for and launch their first full-time User Experience Design Immersive Program. As part of this initiative, she worked with experienced designers to build the program, organized design events for the students and larger community, and connected with design studios and organizations to connect with graduates.

Prior to General Assembly, Danielle volunteered, worked and sat on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Madison House in Charlottesville, VA. Danielle studied Art History at the University of Virginia, and received her Masters in Global Commerce for Marketing and Management from the same university.