City of the Future: Applying Equity-Centered Design to Urban Living

November 7, 2019 7pm - 8:30pm

During this workshop, we will focus on the practical application of equity-centered design and its role in re-imagining urban communities and community services.

  • 2309 Thornton Road Unit M
  • Austin, TX, 78704

The design of our city is a reflection of the deeply held values and beliefs in our community. We aim to press past the superficiality of human-centered design to understand what it means to build equity through creation of services and systems. In this design workshop we will present stories, design principles, and creative design challenges that focuses on re-imagining the design of our city through a practical definition and application of equity and justice.

Speaker / Facilitator

  • Brannon Veal
  • Brannon Veal is an engineer, designer, and strategist focused on applying design principles to urban innovation. He is the Co-Founder and Director of Build with Humanity, an innovation consulting firm focused on supporting equity based innovations that have a transformative impact in the world. He currently also a proud engineer at ICON Technologies, which just broke ground on the first 3d printed housing community in the world.
  • 2309 Thornton Road Unit M Austin, TX, 78704
  • DAY
  • Thursday, November 7th
  • TIME
  • 7:00-8:30 PM
  • No information provided
  • Build with Humanity
  • Service Designers, Community Leaders
  • Free

2309 Thornton Road Unit M
Austin, TX 78704