How to Collaboratively Build A Research Plan

November 6, 2019 8:30am - 10am

Have you ever had a Product Manager gold-plate a solution, a Developer build what they thought was best, or a Designer prototype in a black box? Our goal is to educate Enterprise Product Managers, Designers & Developers on how to work in a collaborative and agile way while ensuring they're meeting the needs of their users.

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How to Collaboratively Build A Research Plan

Learn how to apply a collaborative methodology to your future projects, conversations, and decisions. In this workshop, we'll present a case study that our Adobe Experience Design Team has found great success in using. This case study includes a formalized, repeatable approach to user research and discovery that incorporates the user’s voice into the product development process. We'll also include testimonials from Designers, Product Managers, and Developers at Adobe!

During our time, we'll cover the following:

  • How to Define Product Focus: Minimize output, maximize outcome & impact
  • How to Define the Product Lifecycle: Essentially continuous, nested learning cycles
  • How to work as a triad, not in the outdated and flawed client-vendor anti-pattern
  • How great products have balance: value, usability & feasibility
  • How a 'Discovery Triad' leads collaboration
  • How collaboration drives shared understanding
  • How to discover and learn while building
  • Triangulating different perspectives from diverse teams in an effort to drive product enhancements

Speakers / Facilitators

Swapna Bellare, Adobe, Senior User Experience Researcher

Swapna comes from a Psychology & Research background and is curious to learn about people's behavior in the tech space. Prior to Adobe, she worked at BMC Software where she mainly focused on complex enterprise software for IT. In her current role at Adobe she takes immense interest in performing foundational research to support product and design strategy for Cloud, B2B, and E-commerce offerings.

Michael Rubino, Adobe, Senior User Experience Designer

Originally hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Michael has utilized his education in Design & Interactive Media to create useful and delightful experiences for end users and heavily leverages UX Research methods to bring the voice of the user into defining product strategy. Inspired by the unique challenges and difficult problems that the enterprise software industry proposes, Michael's focus remains on creating solutions that make a significant impact on end users. Currently at Adobe Michael leads UX Design on Cloud and the developer experience.

  • 701 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701
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  • Wednesday, November 6th
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  • 8:30 - 10:00 AM
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  • Adobe
  • Enterprise Product Managers, Designers & Developers or anyone who wants to improve collaboration on their team.
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701 Brazos St
Austin, TX 78701