Service Design in Action: How Do You Make Fast-growing Downtowns Friendly for People?

November 6, 2019 10:30am - 12pm

Quick growing cities often abandon pedestrian needs. This short workshop will teach basic Design Thinking & Service Design concepts by focusing on solving a tough problem.

  • The Riveter
  • 1145 W 5th Street
  • Austin, TX 78703

Service Design in Action: How Do You Make Fast-growing Downtowns Friendly for People?

Quick growing cities often abandon pedestrian needs in favor of more parking, more cars, and more high rises. Many solutions have been attempted, from scooters, to high-rise sky walkways, to the ill-fated promise of the Segway. How does a forward-thinking, fast-growing downtown, like Austin, Texas, accommodate both the needs of business while also keeping consumers in focus? In this short workshop, Rocksauce will pose this question, and show how Design Thinking & Service Design methodology can help solve complicated problems.

Key concepts we will cover:

* Who to get in the room to solve a problem?

* How to let all voices be heard?

* Role of a Facilitator

* Benefit of a Decider

* What's a Dotmocracy?

* How Might We's + Can We's?

* What happens after a workshop?

Speakers / Facilitators

Q Manning, GM/Founder of Rocksauce Studios

Q has been creating products and solutions since the late 2000s. Bringing a flair for storytelling and user-centric design, he focuses on understanding audience motivations as the driving factor of building something marvelous.

Kati Presley, Head of UX for Rocksauce Studios

Kati Presley has worked with some of the biggest names in oil, construction and chemical development, creating elegant solutions to complex problems. Her focus on UX is to solve problems with empathy, while engaging users to participate.

  • 1145 W 5th Street, Austin, TX 78703
  • DAY
  • Wednesday, November 6th
  • TIME
  • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Yes
  • Parking is available in our upper lot located off of 5th street, just past Walst St. The double door entrance to the building opens directly to the lobby. See our sustainable transportation recommendations
  • Rocksauce Studios
  • Designers interested in Design Thinking or Service Design. Engineers/Technologists interested in user-focused design concepts. Technical or Marketing roles interested in problem solving through Design Thinking.
  • Free

1145 W 5th StreeT
Austin, TX 78703