Design Improv - Introduction to Industrial Design Process

  • NOVEMBER 11, 2020, 7:30PM - 9:00PM
  • In this workshop we will be combining the fun of Improvisational Theater with the Industrial Design process! Join us to learn how Industrial Designer's embrace the unknown to generate ideas, and find creative solutions to everyday problems.

Virtual Event


Design Improv - Introduction to Industrial Design Process

Design and Improv have a lot in common, so we've decided to combine these two activities into one fast paced fun event, where we will explore the Industrial Design Ideation Process.

Join us to learn more about Industrial Design and fun new ways to generate lots of ideas quickly.

In this workshop we will run through 4 exercises including Brainstorming, Adjacent Associations, Group Ideation, and Design Refinement, all thru the lens of improvisation.

The workshop will be conducted entirely online, and all you need to bring with you is your imagination and a willingness to entertain silly ideas.

  • Speaker
  • Kyle Ellison
  • Kyle Ellison is an industrial designer, maker, and builder with a love for the outdoors and a passion for building meaningful user experiences. Kyle has spent the last 15 years designing award-winning products in the outdoor and action sports industries for brands such as Giro Sport Design, Bell Helmets, and YETI Coolers.
  • He began his career designing helmets in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA, and after years of consulting on the side, founded Trailside Creative, LLC in Austin, TX in 2018. Trailside Creative is a boutique design and user experience consultancy based in South Austin, with a mission to create products and experiences that inspire and motivate people to embrace active, healthy lifestyles.
  • Geraint Krumpe
  • Geraint Krumpe is an experienced product designer and a multi-disciplinary creative professional. He's an owner of several patented products, and the inventor of almost 80 utility and design patents.
  • Through his 18-year career as an industrial designer and product development professional, he has developed a talent for discovering and creating value, made manifest by profitable, functional, and emotionally compelling work. His specialties include balancing exploration with execution.
  • Having recently launched Principal Design LLC in Austin, TX (previously Y Line Design of Chicago, IL), Krumpe directs the implementation of useful design methods to capture emergent value and generate new, actionable innovations. Guaranteeing useful, usable, and desirable solutions, Principal Design is a purpose-driven, ethically minded, and hands-on innovation consultancy, whose iterative process adapts to enhance the budgets, scope, and business objectives of their variety of customers.
  • Christy Sepulveda
  • Christy Sepulveda is an adept strategic designer, avid storyteller, and leading member of the IDSA community. Currently working at M3 Design, she leads design initiatives and creates experiences used in medical tech, social gaming, and consumer electronics. She innovates within several business platforms and ecosystems to ensure that leading perspectives are considered and represented.
  • Sepulveda has worked for a variety of large companies throughout her career, including Dell, Stryker, HP, and Woodway. With a strong emphasis in strategic research initiatives and product usability, she aggressively pursues progress with a fearless and bold approach to initiating new ventures.
  • She also is a co-founder and author of Fire Starter, a place to share insights and learn about product development, design, innovation, and strategy. Any field can use this resource to read about industry insights and predictions regarding culture, process, and specific product archetypes.
  • As a proud UH COAD alumni, Sepulveda is constantly promoting a more proactive and collaborative culture for all product developers to share in.
  • Virtual Event
  • DAY
  • Wednesday, November 11th
  • TIME
  • 7:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Kyle Ellison
  • This workshop is targeted toward anyone who faces challenges that require creative problem solving.
  • Free
  • This event has ended.