+ What does it cost to participate?

Starting this year, we are implementing a hosting fee for ADW. It’s important for us to have hosts that are fully dedicated to the event and understand the value of being part of Austin Design Week. We are also looking for support for all of those involved to keep Austin Design Week running and free to all attendees. We will continue to offer the same curation and host support in resources, venues, technical AV and event coaching to help make your event the best it can be!

If you are selected to participate, you must pay the fee before being added to the ADW schedule:

  • Individual - $75

  • Non-profit/Government - $150

  • Corporate - $300

We know we receive some of the best ideas from people in our community for whom the fee may cause financial hardship. If this is the case for you, you can request a scholarship in the application. We don’t want this fee to stop anyone from proposing or participating and will evaluate on a case by case basis.

Please also factor additional costs you may incur while hosting the event, including:

  • Space: ADW provides event space for those hosting workshops. All other event types will need to source their venue and take venue cost into consideration. In some cases, ADW may be able to help locate a venue.

  • F&B: If you are planning to have food or alcohol at your event you may need to supply event insurance and have a liquor license. Consider these in your event supply cost.

  • Supplies: If you are hosting a workshop that will need to bring your own supplies.

  • Permitting or Insurance: Please confirm with your venue what permitting or insurance is required.