+ What is included in the Call for Proposal form?

We want to help you prepare to fill out the proposal form. You cannot save as you go so please have the following information ready when you go to submit:

Presenter Information

  • Presenter name, email, phone number, place of work
  • On whose behalf are you submitting this proposal? (yourself, a non-profit or government organization, or a company)
  • Social Media details
  • Point of contact for the event (if it's someone other than you)

Event information

  • Event format
  • Event description
  • Intended audience
  • Pre-requisites
  • Level of knowledge
  • Event location
  • Do you have permission from all parties to use the space?
  • Do you need help finding a space?
  • Why do you think ADW is an important series for the community and what makes you want to get involved by proposing this content?
  • How does this event fit with the theme?
  • Three preferred days and times to host your event
  • Categories the event fits into

Event image

  • All images should be photos (no created graphics will be accepted). Photos should be sized at 1920x1080 pixels in jpg format.

Being a host at ADW

  • A list of what ADW expects and what ADW provides
  • If you need a scholarship for the hosting fee, this is where you will request it
  • If you have any questions about hosting an event, you can ask them here.
  • Acknowledgement of requirements and responsibilities of being an ADW host