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Designing for Civic Solutions

Facilitators: Victoria O'Dell, Celine Thibault and Amalie Barras

Innovation in design is about more than pixels. It's about building processes that break down silos between designers and non-designers, and working collaboratively with people that have different skill-sets and professions for a common good. Austin is a hot spot for innovation in tech and design and there hasn't been a better time to design a better Austin through real community collaboration.

In this workshop, you'll learn about civic hacking and how it fits into designing solutions for our city and community - and then you'll put the lessons to work. You'll collaborate in a group to identify and brainstorm possible solutions for a civic problem.

Learn how you can participate in the community through the use of design, technology, policy, and community collaboration.

  • 600 Congress Ave, 14th floor
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • DAY
  • Tuesday, November 8th
  • TIME
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Open Austin
  • Free with registration

600 Congress Ave, 14th floor
Austin, TX 78701