A Mighty Affinity Workshop

November 8, 2018 12pm - 1:30pm

Join us for an interactive affinity workshop! Collaborate with other ADW participants to tease out user needs for a fun, future-thinking product.

  • Mighty HQ
  • 2009 E Cesar Chavez St.
  • Austin, TX 78702

A Mighty Affinity Workshop

We’re excited to welcome ADW participants to our studio for an authentically Mighty Affinity Workshop. This will offer up a taste of how we build trust align goals, and solidify stakeholder investment in our own client work.

First, we’ll set the stage, introducing our philosophy with a brief walk-through on how we facilitate these workshops with clients.

Together we’ll collaborate, share, and sort through user insights we’ve prepared based on a future-thinking fantasy product. With the Mighty team as your helpful guides, you’ll work together to discuss and pattern-match insights into themes. We’ll encourage opposing thoughts, making sure everyone’s voice is heard. We believe this practice is design by collaboration, not by committee.

After sorting, we’ll walk you through the process of harnessing themes to craft user need statements. These holistic statements are invaluable. We’ll discuss how to frame these in your own work., aligning stakeholders and furthering a project as a whole.

Our work session will be about an hour. With our remaining time, we’ll have an informal Q&A. We want to leave you with confidence to run a workshop of your own — and of course, a little Mighty swag.

Space is limited, so be sure sign up early!

  • 2009 E Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78702
  • DAY
  • Thursday November 8th
  • TIME
  • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Mighty HQ
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  • Free

2009 E Cesar Chavez St.
Austin, TX 78702

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