Designing an Experiment: What can Designers Learn from a Scientist?

November 8, 2018 8:30am - 10am

Join us as we explore the parallels between how biologists observe the natural world and how designers observe human behavior to inform product design.

  • ACC Northridge Campus

Designing an Experiment: What can Designers Learn from a Scientist?

As Designers, we craft surface level outcomes based on a deep understanding of the people, needs and processes we observe. In a world that increasingly values opinion over facts, how can Designers craft products and processes in an evidence-based way?

This workshop will be run by Professor of Biology at Austin Community College, Stephanie Martin, and Professor of UX Design at ACC, Molly McClurg. Participants will be exposed to observation of a natural environment and consider what aspects of designing a scientific experiment they can bring to their design practice.

Participants in this workshop will learn about the methods Biologists use to observe the natural world and how we can apply them to an iterative design process rooted in user observation and test designs against measurable desired outcomes. We’ll explore the ways scientists design experiments to inform our own iterative design processes.


Stephanie Martin

Stephanie is a professor of Biology at Austin Community College. She specializes in evolutionary biology, education and outreach, ecomorphology, mammalian morphology and systematics, functional morphology and molecules.

Molly McClurg

Molly currently works as a professor of UX Design at Austin Community College, striving to create well-rounded junior UX Designers by: developing and sharpening critical thinking skills; creating a collaborative atmosphere of learning; applying design principles and processes to existing problems, businesses, and products; and challenging design conventions by exploring ethics in Design.

  • ACC Northridge Campus
  • DAY
  • Thursday, November 8th
  • TIME
  • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Molly McClurg
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    • Free

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