Designing Experience: Where Disciplines Collide

November 5, 2019 12pm - 1pm

The most memorable and impactful experiences are the ones that collide disciplines. Let’s expand our own skills and broaden who we collaborate with, to enable to future of well-designed experience.

  • Capital Factory
  • 701 Brazos St.
  • Austin, TX 78701

Designing Experience: Where Disciplines Collide

During this session, guests will hear from a trio of Austin-based Directors who specialize in UI/UX Design, Customer Journey & Experience, and Experiential Marketing, who all share the job descriptor of 'designing experience'. While from divergent backgrounds, working in separate industries, these designers are more alike than traditional design silos would convey. Whether targeting a User, a Customer, or an Attendee, the parallels amongst our panel will demonstrate that all design is the experience, and the best experiences are well designed.

Speakers / Facilitators

Nat Wittstruck, Creative Director, George P Johnson Experience

Marketing Ish Benhalim, Director of Marketing/Consultant

Randall Morriss, Design Director, BHW Group

  • 701 Brazos St Austin, TX 78701
  • DAY
  • Tuesday, November 5th
  • TIME
  • 12:00 - 1:00 PM
  • Yes
  • Nat Wittstruck
  • Any designers who are interested in expanding their skillsets, getting their feet wet across disciplines, and increasing collaboration with new mediums and talents.
  • Free

701 Brazos St.
Austin, TX 78701