Leslie's headshot

Leslie Ann Barrientos

Head of Content Strategy

Leslie Ann Barrientos is a multidisciplinary Designer, Painter, and Photographer with a background in design research and business strategy. Working as a Service Design Strategist at ServiceTitan, she takes on a holistic view to designing sustainable impact by integrating research insights into the implementation of interfaces, digital services, and new programs.

Living in Mexico City part-time, she takes inspiration from the city’s vibrancy, architectural geometry, and spiritual energy. She is currently working on a painting exhibit about intentional living showcasing her journey towards facing fears, undoing patterns, and finding her way towards self-love. For the past 10 years, she’s initiated events and art walks to provide artists, crafters, and musicians an outlet to showcase their talent. Thriving on collaboration and empowering others, she is on a mission to recreate what it means to be a designer and to inspire humans to awaken and align to their authenticity.

Connect with her on Instagram @theregoesleslie