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Announcing our theme for #ADW20!

Austin Design Week is November 9th - 13th! We’re excited to once again be bringing the community together for a week of inspiring (and free) events.

Every year the Austin Design Week advisory board decides on a theme that challenges us all to consider the role of design in improving our communities and ourselves. We aim for something that is timely and that has the potential to inspire meaningful conversations. This year, we’ve been thinking about the role of design in times of change.

Our theme

They say the only constant is change, but truthfully, change is more of a curve— it speeds and it slows. And when change is rapid, (2020 comes to mind) the role and practice of design adapts. The old methods no longer produce new results and accepted truths no longer hold water. But it’s times like these that designers do what they do best: get creative.

The theme for Austin Design Week 2020 is about exploring the ambiguity that comes with change— discovering together what we can embrace, and how:


Embrace _______

With a blank after “Embrace,” the theme itself has a level of ambiguity. It’s open for all of us to provide our own intent and learnings. On one hand, “embrace” is about acceptance— it speaks to the role of design to find truth, adapt, and innovate. On the other, it’s about comfort— the importance of community, large or small. It’s about change, but it’s also about stability. What do we have that remains constant despite the change around us? How do we best support each other and our communities?

Whether it’s the unknown or the undeniable, a new reality or a new future, our community or ourselves— there’s always something we can embrace in times of change.

Speaking of change

ADW is about bringing the Austin design community together and the reality is, we don’t know what “together” will mean in November. Since safety, inclusion, and accessibility are paramount to us, ADW will most likely look a little different this year.

We'll be opening our call for proposals in mid-June so now is a great time to think about creative ways to connect with the community, share ideas, showcase work, collaborate, and inspire.

We look forward to seeing what y’all embrace this November!