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Call for proposals: Help us "Make Space" at #ADW19

We are so excited to host our Call for Proposals for Austin Design Week 2019. Help us showcase the best of design in Austin, start provoking conversations, teach attendees a new skill and bring together designers and the design curious from near and far.

Our mission is to bring together designers across disciplines and invite the larger Austin community in to participate. Austin Design Week is a celebration of all things design in Austin -- it brings together our various design communities, provides continued learning and education for our designers, and helps raise the caliber of design in Austin.

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We invite you to participate! Share your ideas, highlight the work of your organization, give back to the community, provoke important conversations, begin new collaborations, and more.

Starting this year, we are implementing an event hosting fee for ADW. It’s important for us to have hosts that are fully dedicated to the event and understand the value of being part of Austin Design Week. We are also looking for support for all of those involved to keep Austin Design Week running and free to all attendees. We will continue to offer the same curation and host support in resources, venues, technical AV and event coaching to help make your event the best it can be!


If you are selected to participate, you must pay the fee before being added to the ADW schedule:

Individual - $75

Non-profit/Government - $150

Corporate - $300

We know we receive some of the best ideas from people in our community for whom the fee may cause financial hardship. If this is the case for you, you can request a scholarship as part of your application. We don’t want this fee to stop anyone from proposing or participating and will evaluate on a case by case basis.

This year, we're asking for proposals based on our theme: "Make Space". As we shared in our announcement,

To make space requires us to not just create, but adapt. How do we remove barriers and set the conditions for everyone to work, live and thrive? What does it mean to build with intention for new ideas, for old ideas, for those who are frequently ignored and brushed aside? What spaces can we cultivate to learn, grow and center ourselves in equity as we continue to expand as a city, design industry and community?


The rulebook to answer these questions has yet to be written. That's where you come in. You have until June 24th to send us your proposal for this year's programming. For tips on how to make your submission stand out, check out some advice our 2018 Advisory Board members gave this time last year. We promise it still rings true. We also encourage you to join our Virtual Information Session on Tuesday, May 21st to hear from our Co-Founder, Danielle Barnes, and ADW Host & Board Member Francisco Rosales to learn more about proposing an event and get your questions answered.

Whether or not you decide to submit a proposal, ~make space~ in your calendar from November 4th-8th for Austin Design Week programming.