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Embracing Change in Small Business

It's no secret that small businesses in Austin had to quickly adapt to the changes brought on by the global pandemic. But those who embraced change, specifically through design, have found new ways to serve the community during these unprecedented times.

Below, we've highlighted three local small businesses that are embracing change through design, collaboration, and more.

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Suerte: Embracing Collaboration

The Austin restaurant community was hit especially hard amid the pandemic, but many, like Suerte, found ways to quickly pivot their operations. Your favorite eateries now have to-go cocktails, reservation-only spots now offer takeout, and masks are required every step of the way.

In addition to design, Sam Hellman-Mass, owner of Suerte, credits their ability to pivot during this time to collaboration saying that Suerte has been "embracing the opportunity to collaborate with so many talented individuals, try new ideas and strategies for promoting Suerte to connect with our community."

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Native Hostel: Embracing light and levity

Throughout the pandemic, Native Hostel has been keeping Austin safe by reinventing design in its backyard, bedrooms, and parlor/patio. Here are a few ways they're doing this:

  • Most hostel rooms have been transformed into private, furnished apartments, with king beds, comfortable seating and desk space.
  • They've introduced a new photography and tattoo studio to encourage artists to keep making, and give guests a refreshing and exciting experience.
  • Limited bar service in the backyard begins in October! Patrons can enjoy a socially-distanced safe haven.

Owner Antonio Madrid explains how Native Hostel has embraced design throughout the process: "Given the heaviness of the moment, we've leaned into a more playful aesthetic and embraced our communal need for light and levity right now."

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Cute Nail Studio: Embracing new designs

COVID-19 has completely reshaped the service industry. Local nail salon, Cute Nail Studio has embraced creativity by incorporating acrylic everywhere! “We’re acrylic heavy both in interior design and nail art, so it was a natural progression,” says Jason Darling, owner of Cute Nail Studio. They also created their own line of scented, glittery hand sanitizers to keep “everyone glittering like a twilight vampire.”

Additionally, they replaced the front door so it can be opened with your elbow and lets in a ton of light.

Jason adds, "We are embracing Agape, Thelema, and the New Aeon, but we're also just here to have a good time."

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