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Hang out at the Hub, Austin Design Week’s home base

A week of learning, exploring, and creating certainly breeds growth, but it might also breed fatigue. As tempting as it might be to head home early and cuddle with your dog, we’ve got just the thing to help keep you going: the Hub.

What’s the Hub, exactly?

It’s our dedicated chill space during Austin Design Week. Located on 612 Brazos St at The Refinery, the Hub keep its doors wide open (get it?) for attendees Monday through Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm.

Can I do anything else there aside from hang out?

You can get some work done in between sessions, especially since you’ll have access to free wifi. You can take a look at the Austin Furniture & Design installation, and keep up with @be_hind_doors Instagram feed as we project it in the space all week.

Also, we’ll host a handful of events throughout the week at the Hub. You’ll find everything from morning yoga to a lettering workshop to an open discussion about ageism, so you won’t distance yourself too much from the action while you catch up on emails.

Click here to see the Hub’s full schedule for events and installations.