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Join us in the evenings this Austin Design Week

In her novel White Fur, Austin-based writer Jardine Libaire said of the transition from day to night, “Even a city that’s broken and dirty can, in that time, be divine and intimate.”

Not to call Austin broken and dirty, but the sentiment rings true. We trade squint-inducing light for orange and purple hues, have-to’s for want-to’s, hustle for tranquility.

The Austin Design Week programming reflects the pace of our lives. During the day, we’ll provide you with tons of choice—a chance to curate your own schedule. And as the city slows down, we will too. Attendees will end the day together, reflecting on a variation on the theme of Open Doors.


This panel of in-house creators will detail their success stories of strategically building communities anyone can join. They represent pillars of public life: libraries, museums, universities, and mass transit.

Each speaker offers a different angle from which they approached community building. Expect to learn about everything from building trust with a strong brand voice to making a small budget work

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Austin’s Chief Equity Officer, Brion Oaks, will host a night of talks from civic-minded folks working to create a world that works in service of everyone.

Oh, and we’ll also keep people updated as results from the Midterm Election roll in that night.

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Explore what fashion can say about the merging of cultures when words fail us. At their exhibit, two Texan artists will lead attendees through a denim design workshop (BYOD), and discuss how they use denim and iconic Mexican figures to illustrate their relationship with the American Dream.

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The two-part evening starts with drinks and a casual conversation with women in design who have navigated and continue to navigate discrimination. Then, panelists from an array of life experiences will discuss what it means to design for gender equality.

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At our final event of the week, seven designers will tell their stories and share their perspectives on how to navigate and lock out bias in design spaces. Our hope is that this event will give members of our community the tools and motivation to keep opening doors for ourselves and each other.

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Want to know what else we have in store this year? Check out our full schedule.