Local and national resources for antiracist work

At Austin Design Week, our community values have always been based on the need for inclusion; to hear from diverse voices, advocate for organizations committed to change, and design for a better tomorrow. But we have to do much better than that. The recent murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many other Black people at the hands of the police has called upon all of us to be vocal in what we believe, to be actively antiracist, and to work to protect Black lives.

It’s crucial that we, as a community, educate ourselves, start conversations, donate, and show up -- that we do the work. Systematic and institutional racism is embedded in our country and it requires action to dismantle it -- not just today, but every day. At ADW, we are working to build an inclusive, antiracist community; one that amplifies diverse voices, creates a space for conversations, and provides resources that offer solutions for change. We're currently working on our own commitments as an organization to share with you. To start, we want to share resources that can help you get started or continue to do the work.

Below is a list of local and national resources for antiracist work. This list is in no way exhaustive, but it is a place to start. We encourage you to seek additional resources to further your own antiracist work. What’s most important is that you continue to do the work. Change won’t happen overnight, but it is crucial that changes are made.

To Donate and Get Involved:


  • Austin representatives to contact (to call upon to end police brutality)
  • Austin Area Urban League (AAUL - ULYP prepares young people for school, work, and life, as well as promoting civic engagement, financial self-sufficiency, and civil rights)
  • Austin Justice Coalition (Community organization working toward racial and economic equity)
  • Allgo (Social justice, cultural arts, and wellness support for queer people of color)
  • Measure Austin (Addresses systemic injustice using data)
  • Six Square (Organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history, culture, and arts of Central East Austin)


Design Resources

To Follow and Support:

To Watch:

To Listen:

To Read:

*We encourage you to purchase these books from local and Black-owned bookstores.