Mathys + Potestio's Guide to ADW21

Not to be weird about it or anything, but we freakin’ love Austin Design Week. It’s among the highlights of our year, every year, and we’re really excited that this year we’re back in-person for an event or two. We’ve missed seeing you all, even if it may be through a mask now.

Perhaps we should introduce ourselves: we are M+P, a boutique creative staffing agency for creatives by creatives. That’s right, we find talented individuals for the jobs we once held (the person writing this intro, Hannah, was once a candidate of M+P’s as a copywriter / strategist, so our bonafides are for real), and not to brag but we’re damn good at it.

ADW gives our staff an excuse to go to a bunch of events to meet y’all and learn alongside you. We like to put together our own itineraries so that you know what a few creative recruiters are interested in seeing and get inspired to make your own plan. Read on to see where we’ll be!

Nicole Holle, Account Director & Creative Recruiter

HEB Digital Studio Tour: Future of Design Teams

This is not only a great space in town, but there’s a conversation about building better design teams, which I always want to listen in on.

Designing the Future for a Worker Driven Economy

I’m all for a worker-driven economy (after all, that’s kind of M+P’s bread and butter), so let’s make it as good as we can. I’m excited to hear smart people talk about this.

Futures Fair

We’ll be at the Futures Fair to meet as many fellow attendees as we can; we’ve got an endless stream of great, creative jobs these days, after all. Come find us once you grab a drink!

Jordan Livingston, Division Director

frog Studio Tour: Reconstructing Collaboration

As someone coming in from out of town, it sounds like frog is the cool place to be these days. I’ll let you know if it’s true.

The Cathedral Gallery Tour

Okay, Austin, we get it. You have all these really cool spaces. Jeez, enough already. But seriously, this spot used to be a beautiful church and I want to see what they’ve done with it.

Britney Jo Styer, Account Manager & Creative Recruiter

Designing an Apology

We could all use a little help when it comes to apologies, right? Or really with any communication!

Designing for a Multigenerational Workforce

As a mom of two, this is such an important topic to me, personally. But professionally, it’s just as important! I’m excited to learn more about how to integrate all ages within work teams.

Is The Future Better Wherever?

We can work wherever now; what are the pluses and minuses to that? This event has some great speakers lined up, and I can’t wait to hear their take on the new normal. Plus, I’m just excited to network!

Chika Ugboajah, Recruiting Specialist

Co-Creating With The Youniverse

“Co-create without the fear of limiting external "what ifs"”? Yes, please teach me how to do that!

Un/Making White Austin: Black Futurism for a Jim Crow City

I don’t live in Austin (Houston, represent!), but I’m fascinated to learn more about the city’s history and how local designers are working to make its future more equitable and pro-Black than its past.

Failing Forward with ATX Fail Club

The growing movement of viewing failure as an important step in growth is really interesting to me. How we respond to setbacks can be a key part to how we get better at things, so I’m excited to hear people discuss this way of thinking.

How to Have Fun Doing Work That Matters

I think I’m pretty good at having fun doing work that matters, but hey, we could all get better at what we’re best at.

Molly Wiley, Senior Account Manager & Creative Recruiter

Painting the Town: How Murals Can Empower, Inspire, and Educate

Our office is in East Austin, a land of many murals, and I couldn’t be happier to live and work among them. I’m excited to learn about our local public art scene.

The Future is Freelance: How to Embrace the Freelance Economy

As a creative recruiter, I talk to incredible freelancers every day. A whole panel of them talking about designing the career they want? Sign me up.

Embracing Diversity: Psychological Safety and DEI to Enable Futuring

I love the theme of this year’s ADW, Futuring. Of course DEI is integral to any future we create, and I’m always looking to learn more; in fact, last year I moderated a panel for ADW around a similar topic!

Retaining Talent and Growing the Next Generation of Great Designers

As a Designer-turned-Recruiter myself, this is right up my alley. I always want to learn more about how designers are growing within their jobs and how their employers are helping them to do so.